About us


Dave is a father to three boys and has twenty years’ experience in the corporate IT industry. 

He works with Government and commercial organisations on the education of young adults in cyber-security and is part of the cyber-intervention initiative with the UK Cyber-Security Challenge and The National Crime Agency. 

Dave enjoys training and storytelling, and started writing the Simply Serious Stories when he realised he and Sandrijn shared a passion for bringing the characters to life.

Dave Stanley and Sandrijn Stead have accumulated four decades working in the Information Technology Sector.  Both experts in their areas and parents themselves they felt that there was an ever growing need to ensure that children today are able to understand the potential hazards of the online world in an easily understandable way. Together Dave and Sandrijn have written and produced the Simply Serious Stories to tackle this problem while providing parents, teachers, family and carers a way to help the younder generation navigate the online minefield.  Illustrator Daniella Frongia has brought the stories to life with her colourful characters.


Sandrijn is a father to two young children and has twenty years’ experience in the corporate IT industry.  He sits on a number of boards in both the business and charity sector.

Sandrijn started writing the Simply Serious Stories because like Dave he realised there was a real need to help tackle the concerns associated with online safety in the ever evolving digital world.

Following the success of the initial series of books, Sandrijn is keen to develop storylines for older children as well.